Crystal lyles

I wrote a book and just published it. Pray all goes well and it does good. I can't believe I wrote a devotional.

Jan-20 / last prayer 30m ago

Please pray for the family that lost their 13 year old to suicide.

Jan-23 / last prayer 28m ago

Friend that is dealing with a sick husband, a son who has mental disorders. And trying to raise her grandson She is overwhelmed and exhausted.

Jan-21 / last prayer 26m ago

Pls. pray for me and many loved ones in need of various healings and for a total end to covid and protection for all from it

Jan-24 / last prayer 29m ago

Please pray for my brother in law who is the hospital with Covid related viral pneumonia.

Jan-23 / last prayer 33m ago
Matthew McMahan

Heart ️ Disease

Jan-23 / last prayer 27m ago
Roger Oliver

Please pray for Roger Oliver. He is not doing well and Hospice is being called in. His daughter is Marquetta Coulter and attends Northside.

Jan-25 / last prayer 32m ago
Daniel Cahill

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters! You know the story in the bible about how a man's friends lowered him through the roof to JESUS and the man was healed? Well that is how your prayers help me!

Jan-19 / last prayer 31m ago
Jennifer Swiryd

Please pray for my Niece, Jennifer Swiryd. Jennifer was in a car accident last week and had occipital stroke and lost vision in both eyes. Prayers for her healing and worried heart. Thanks BethRivera

Jan-23 / last prayer 30m ago
Larry Sanders

Pray for my brother he broke is back in 3 different spots.

Jan-23 / last prayer 32m ago
Gavin Turner

In a real battle/war and hoping for both healing and deliverance.

Jan-21 / last prayer 29m ago
Tara Grant

Tara is recovery from cancer again and she was just diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Praying for healing and effective treatments.

Jan-24 / last prayer 27m ago

A friend has had a migraine for days and is very sick.

Jan-26 / last prayer 31m ago
Matthew McMahan

Heart disease

Jan-23 / last prayer 27m ago
Aaron Isaacs

Please prayer for my friend going through cancer. Let a new clinical trial help heal him. He is in desperate times and all are appreciated l.

Jan-22 / last prayer 27m ago

Please pray for Carol Burke. She is in Floyd Hospital in Observation.. Breathing difficulties, chest pain and fatigue.

Jan-21 / last prayer 27m ago

Pray for Joe Tyler who is in the hospital with covid

Jan-26 / last prayer 28m ago
Don Beck

He is back in the hospital with fluid on his lungs and they are going to put a defibrillator in on Monday.

Jan-21 / last prayer 31m ago
Lawrence Hoffman

Please pray for Lawrence who will be undergoing very serious cancer surgery on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd. And pray for strength for his wife Carolyn as she supports him Wednesday and in the days ahead.

Jan-21 / last prayer 33m ago
BettyLou Bryant

Bad car accident January 5th, 2022

Jan-23 / last prayer 28m ago
Cody Burke

Will you guys pray for my dad he has Covid? His name is Todd.

Jan-23 / last prayer 27m ago
Shelly Graft

My husband and I have started the adoption process so prayer for wisdom and guidance in that process would be awesome. We are looking into foster to adopt and also private adoption.

Jan-23 / last prayer 30m ago

Praying for peace and growth, I no longer feel like the person I used to be, I want to get back to a slower life where I enjoy everyday instead of rushing to the day, week or month.

Jan-23 / last prayer 32m ago
Don Beck

My dad having comfort measure only with hospice as he took a turn for the worse. Prayers for peace and comfort in his final days

Jan-23 / last prayer 30m ago